Martial Arts, PT, Poetry, Perfection

The Humanology Course was simply amazing and during the four days, the whole program had a huge effect on the life of the students. During that time they went through a deep transformation and at the end they were truly inspired to start with the new semester.  They were given the space to integrate everything that they have been working on here. It was beautiful to be a part of it, to witness their growth and see them facing their fears in such a graceful, courageous way. It has taken a few days to put these videos and pictures together for you, but I think you will enjoy them anyway!

It was beautiful to start our day doing Sadhana with Japji Sahib, highly energetic kriyas and a meditation at the end for self confidence and trust guided by the Siri Singh Sahib on one of the videos of the classes that he led for Women’s Camp. The classes with Shanti Kaur were amazing, all the girls loved them! They got the chance to go out into the darkness during one night to meditate and face that fear. They did great! They loved the martial arts classes with Gurujodha Singh and were empowered by the practice of it. They also spent time with Jugat Guru Singh, Amrit Singh, Gurutej Singh and Gurujodha Singh to ask all those questions related to the male universe, how the male brain works different from the female’s brain, how our chemistry is different and the importance of understanding how to create healthy relationships with one another. 

The girls had a lovely time together. Among all the activities of the program, there were some special classes with guest teachers like Prem Kaur, who shared an intentional creativity workshop titled “Paint and Explore the Visual Landscape of your Fearlessness”. The students came together to meditate and to be guided into a visualization as a tool for personal exploration into their fears and how to release them. Afterward they came into a room where each one of them had a white canvas to paint on. The purpose was to make a creation recognizing their courage to go beyond their fears so that every time they see it they will remember their strength. The colorful paintings they made were so beautiful!

The Dance classes were so much fun and so energetic that the girls loved them too! Guru Amrit Hari Kaur taught the girls Hip-Hop, they learned a choreography and enjoyed discovering new movements. Another special guest teacher was Ananda Kaur who taught an African Dance class with a meditation at the end to recognize your power as a woman followed by a deep relaxation.

Also the first day of the course the girls were given an assignment to write a poem about their fears. The school took them on a night out to a fancy hotel to have dinner at a restaurant and have a Poetry Night. They stood up one by one to share their inspiring poems, and listening to them was a remarkable experience.

For the boys they quite enjoyed their time together as well. They got the chance to be centered in themselves and explore topics related to manhood. They tested their physical capacity and endurance with difficult kriyas designed for warriors and challenging martial arts’ practice for self-defense. They were so appreciative of the time they had with Shanti Kaur and Guru Amrit Hari Kaur to know more about the female universe and learn how to give their respect to every woman.

Both the boys and girls enjoyed the intense PT with Gurutej and all the amazing information on Numerology with Fateh.

The closing was magnificent. We chanted, meditated and we took time to honor, acknowledge and thank our teachers for their presence. With deep gratitude for the life of the Siri Singh Sahib who has brought us all together. Wahe Guru!