The terms Value and Virtue are often used interchangeably, but in fact, values are the ideals or characteristics that an individual or group believes are important, and virtues are the lived expression of those values. As we raise our children, it is important not only to help them learn positive values that will serve the future happiness and fulfillment of both themselves and others, but also to give them the right tools, experiences, and environments so that they can develop the habit to live by those values. For example, we can teach our children to value Gratitude, but we must also provide the knowledge, experiences and role models who live by this value so they can develop the habit of living in the attitude of gratitude each day. 

The development of virtues is a much more complex process than the sharing of values. At Miri Piri Academy we share the values of self-reliance, self-awareness, discipline, grit, integrity, gratitude, reverence, group consciousness, service and Cherdi Kalaa. Our program was designed not only to instill these values but to help our students develop the habit of living according to them every day. From dorm living to group sports to daily yoga and meditation to 40-day seva, every aspect of the program is intended to help our students learn and live by these values.

Miri Piri Academy Core Values