The Children of the Worldwide 3HO Community Need Your Support!

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Financial Aid Fund Raffle

Just Five Weeks Left!

To kick off our 2011 financial aid fundraising efforts, we are excited to announce the opening of our first ever online raffle. More than 65% of our students depend on financial aid, and we expect that we will award more than $420,000 to those students over the coming months.

Enrollment has already begun, and the applications for assistance are rolling in just as quickly. Our Financial Aid Fund has received a grant for $275,000 from the CCC as a starting point, and we now need to raise just $145,000 from generous donors like you. We are requesting the assistance of our global community to ensure that all the children of 3HO and Sikh Dharma who want to grow in the teachings are able to do so.

Our goal for this raffle is to spread the word and kick off the effort with a fun, win-win activity to generate at least $20,000 through the sale of 1000 raffle tickets. Tickets are just $20 apiece, and besides helping the children, your ticket buys you the chance to win some of the great prizes that were donated by our friends and family. Please be a part of the effort and buy as many of those 1000 tickets as you can! Every $20 counts.

Grand Prize

The 3HO Foundation has generously donated our grand prize, a free pass for one adult to the June 2011 Summer Solstice Sadhana Celebration in Espanola, NM. With a monetary value of $700, the true value is the experience of joining your spiritual family for a week of learning, transformation, and joy! The prize is fully transferable, so even if you cannot attend, you can gift it to a loved one who can.

More Prizes


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The prize winning tickets will be selected on April 10th.

Would you like to support the Miri Piri Academy Financial Aid fund beyond the raffle? Click here to set up a one time donation or a recurring gift from your credit card or bank account. Recurring donations minimize our fundraising man-hours and allow us to budget more effectively. Any donor signing up for recurring donations between now and April 10th will get two complimentary raffle tickets!

The children of the international 3HO community need your support!

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