Online classes



Online Classes

For the purpose of recognising, fostering, imparting, and improving students’ extracurricular abilities, MPA offers online workshops.

Through good and difficult circumstances, we want to support students in discovering their genuine passion and potential.
Since most countries have specific college entry requirements, we support our students in fulfilling those requirements through an Independent Study option. This often is an online accredited course of study from their home country. MPA teachers are available to guide and support students who wish to participate in this programme after the parents and students determine what courses they need.
As a supplement to the academic options available here, MPA has worked to create flexible schedules for students to take advantage of many interesting online study courses available. With the support from the Applied Information and Communication Technology Department, those students who can demonstrate the organisation and self-initiative necessary are allowed to take these courses. Depending on which programme the students choose to take, they can get credit for these courses as well.
Some courses our students have taken in the past:
  • AP Keystone Psychology
  • International Human Rights Law, Prospects and Challenges
  • Buddhism and Modern Psychology
  • Keystone Health and Nutrition
  • Creative Writing
  • Game Designing and Development
  • Game Development for a Modern Platform
  • Rosetta Stone German Language
  • Film Studies and Skills
  • HTML/CSS Code Academy
If they wish to take a course that is currently not offered at MPA, they can take the course with an AP-accredited online course provider. Online courses will also serve as an excellent resource to support your child’s learning in case he/she requires additional support.
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Advance Placement Courses

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Advanced Placement ® courses, designed by the College Board , are college-level classes in a wide variety of subjects that students can take while they are still in high school. These courses offer students challenging coursework and a taste of what college classes are like. Curiosity, creativity and commitment are key ingredients for success in AP courses.

Students can also take Advanced Placement courses online as electives. AP exams are conducted in a local school in Amritsar, and our teachers assist students with enrolment and logistics
AP is recognised as a highly desirable academic credential around the globe. Universities in over 60 countries outside the United States recognise AP in the admission process. Universities may also recognise AP Exam scores for advanced placement, the opportunity to skip introductory-level courses or award credit or points toward an undergraduate degree.

For recognition in your home country please visit International College Board


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In-Person Courses

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Exchange Programme

You've come to the right place whether you want to prepare for an international profession or degree, get into a university, or learn about a new foreign culture.

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In-Person Workshops

We have provided a number of intensive programmes to give students an experience of their own tenacious spirit and unlimited potential.

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