In-person Courses



In-person Courses

There are a variety of in-person courses that we offer throughout the year to keep the spirit of the school elevated and to provide our students with a creative outlet.

We believe children should be prepared beyond just academics by providing them with the opportunity to learn soft skills and equip them with a sense of readiness for the future.
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The Capstone project is designed and implemented entirely by the students in their senior year and is based on their passions and interests. This project represents the personal synthesis of their high school journey and is excellent preparation for the level of work and personal application required in higher education.

Our core subject areas are:

  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • Humanities (English Literature & Language, Social Science, History)
  • Punjabi & Sikh Studies
  • Health & Wellness
  • Life & Career Skills
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Physical Education
  • Arts & Music

Our students participate in term-long learning expeditions that cover standards in a wide range of subjects. Learning expeditions are created in response to current challenges and difficulties, which may be local or international. This type of learning is challenging and enjoyable, and it calls for the growth of personal accountability, teamwork, openness, self-awareness, creative thinking, and problem-solving skills.

We have a special capacity to conduct learning expeditions that investigate the socioeconomic dynamics, geography, and cultures of Amritsar, Punjab, and India. With these possibilities to study locally via a multidisciplinary perspective, students get to profoundly engage with and customise their experience of India.

Our Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) programme is an integrated approach to studying multiple subjects to examine a theme, issue, question or topic. IDS forms the foundation of our Expeditionary Learning programme.

Interdisciplinary learning empowers students to explore different perspectives and views. It is also a great way for students to ‘connect the dots’ between subjects, train flexible brains, create personal meaning, and find comprehensive solutions to real-world problems. IDS courses can explore diverse aspects within a subject area, or look at a topic or issue that cuts across different subjects.

All courses centre on:

  • Making connections and comparisons
  • Synthesising data
  • Integrating ideas and concepts
  • Reading, research, and writing
  • Project application and final evaluation
  • Understanding real-word implications

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Online Classes

For the purpose of recognising, fostering, imparting, and improving students' extracurricular abilities, MPA offers online workshops.

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In-Person Workshops

We have provided a number of intensive programmes to give students an experience of their own tenacious spirit and unlimited potential.

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Exchange Programmes

You've come to the right place whether you want to prepare for an international profession or degree, get into a university, or learn about a new foreign culture.

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