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All submissions to the blog are subject to the following terms of use (Posting Policy).

  1. Submissions can be done either as a registered member or by website visitors using the Submit Blog Entry form.
  2. Story submission for non-members require the following information: Name, Email address and optionally, website information.
  3. All submissions are queued automatically, and will be subject to review and editing before being published.
  4. IP addresses are recorded to track submissions, and to prevent abuse of this feature.
  5. Use of this feature is subject to’s Privacy Policy.
  6. All items submitted must be original. If a submission has been derived from another source, proper credit or reference to the original source should be declared. Miri Piri Academy reserves the right to review all items submitted, and is not obliged to send explanation why a submitted item is not published.
  7. The submitter agrees to give Miri Piri Academy the right to publish the item submitted, subject to the terms and conditions specified herein. But such right to publish does not mean that Miri Piri Academy owns the items, and is in no way liable for any misrepresentations or copyright infringement committed by the submitter.
  8. If any of the published items are found to be violating copyright/trademarks, or is a copy of a non-credited original source, Miri Piri Academy reserves the right to delete such items without any need of informing the author who submitted the said items.
  9. All concerns, issues and/or disputes can be communicated to Miri Piri Academy Site Admin via the Contact Form.
  10. This Posting Policy is subject to change anytime when necessary.

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