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Our campus, located in the heart of Amritsar in India, blends nature and technology. Experience it for yourself with an in-person visit!

Miri Piri Academy’s students live and study in a loving city of one of the world’s most celebrated countries.
The campus, spreading out over 17 acres of rural land, rests peacefully in the village of Chheharta in Amritsar, India; it is currently open to external visitors from all corners of the world.
The Office of Admission offers both online and in-person appointments for prospective applicants and family members who would like to meet individually with an admission counsellor to identify best-fit programmes and discuss the admission process.


Amritsar is a city that is quickly modernising. It has an international airport, internationally known restaurants and shops, and business-oriented, contemporary hotel chains that will soon be completed. The Golden Temple draws tourists from all over the world, and the commercial community is growing quickly. Despite this expansion, the ancient city's winding streets and bustling bazaars remain the centre of the Amritsar experience.

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our students to learn, thrive, and take part in the full scope of school academics and activities. The safety of our students remains our paramount concern as we continue to closely monitor the global situation and stay abreast of developing medical treatments.

Our Covid protocols are framed on international best practises, and we follow the guidelines set by the Government of India, in conjunction with our medical advisor Dr. Asheesh Sinha (Chief of Internal Medicine, Ivy Hospital, Amritsar), and Momentum India, (Health and Safety Management Solutions). Both Dr. Sinha and Momentum India provide us with ongoing mitigation, guidance, and prevention strategies throughout the year.

Wearing a mask is strongly recommended but not required on campus.

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