Our Guiding Principles

Every student who comes through the gates at Miri Piri Academy has the ability to know themselves and to experience the joy of living. Learning is the journey of a lifetime, and we know learning how to learn is what everyone needs to navigate and make choices throughout their lives.

What is Miri Piri?

Miri Piri is a dynamic, living concept that permeates everything we do and teach at school. It’s the framework we use to live the human experience. Miri is our experience of the physical world, and Piri is our experience of the unseen, spiritual world. 

The concept of Miri Piri comes from the 6th Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Hargobind. Our campus was built on his ancestral land, and is imbued with the history and energy of his legacy. Guru Hargobind grounded the spiritual wisdom and practices of his predecessors by taking a more active role in political and social situations of his time. That meant being mentally educated, socially aware and physically ready to stand up to oppressive powers. Doing this in the modern world requires an open heart, clear mind, strong sense of self and supportive community. 

a Clear Mind is cultivated through inquiry, curiosity, self-awareness, reflection, and meditation.

a Strong Body is built with grit, discipline, courage, perseverance, and adventure.

an Open Heart is nurtured by compassion, gratitude, service, humility, and reverence.

a Flowing Spirit is ignited through connection, joy, dedication, wisdom, and confidence.

Our Guiding Principles

Our whole program is grounded in three core concepts of Sikh philosophy. While these specific terms come from the Sikh faith, the meanings behind them are universal throughout many spiritual traditions and cultures.

Naam Japo – “Meditating on God”  – Cultivating a meditative and contemplative mind.   

Kirat Karo – “Earning an honest living” – Persevering through conscious application of effort and dedication.

Vand Chako – “The spirit of giving” – Serving and sharing your gifts and blessings with others.