Love Without Fear – Conscious Existence

Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan Lecture – LA-955 April 5th, 2000

Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan

In my experience traveling to India meeting thousands of people, and my 32 years here [in America], I have found one thing –  we are technically scared people. Fear is the main force which is keeping us together. Unfortunately, where there is fear there cannot be love because the person who is afraid is handicapped. …When I counsel people I already know they loved each other in fear. They wanted security, not love. Now your fantasy, your imagination, and your molding of yourself is totally based on non-reality and when the reality hits home you start crying like baby. [You cry,] ‘I never deserved it, I never wanted it.’

Well, if you never wanted it why did you start it? Why did you start a sequence for which you are not willing to pay the consequences? … Life is very precious. It is a wonderful gift. It can give you elevation from longitude and latitude. You can have altitude and you can have an attitude that is so completely positive. I have experienced myself some people who come and jump at me because I am their satisfaction and I sometime wonder is this a human being or what? We totally forget that sometimes we act like animals. We are scared, we fight, we attack, we are wild. What is in us that is a human? It is not human when the basic faculty of projection is out of insecurity.

… What is so great about somebody [who] becomes a M.D., a doctor, or Ph.D. and this somebody gets successful and has all the money and every faculty of life available [to them], if that person has not found their Self – herself, or himself? This is the Age of Aquarius and that is what is going to hit us hard… [It is] not that we love you – we don’t.  [It is] not that we hate you – we don’t. Why should I love you when you are not you? Who I am loving? A statue? A bundle of emotions and feelings? An insecure pathological indifference? That is not the love.

… Nobody has told you that the most important thing in this world is you. Not to be obnoxious, not to be absolutely baseless, flat, doormat –  No! The perfect God couldn’t make it better than what He has made you to be. First admit this – that is the first lesson to start. … Being real is that what you are – that’s what you are. That is called conscious existence.

…And you know the funny part? If you are very unfortunate and miserable, [when] you accept yourself that will disappear without any help. If you take two candles and burn one; then put the other candle with its head and burn the second candle; darkness will go away. Your misery and your tragedy is because of doubt. The moment you hold yourself with confidence, it shall go. It has to go – there is no other way. Now you don’t understand this, right? How can you can be so miserable and how can it just [go away by] being yourself? What is miserable is not yourself – it is your doubting self. You have a habit to constantly live in a doubt; you have a habit to constantly live being insecure; you have a habit to constantly lie about yourself to yourself.

… All what you have in life with which you live and exist is not that precious if you have not found your inner preciousness… You have developed your physical aspect, you can develop your mental aspect, you can develop your spiritual aspect. All three aspect you can develop, but what about you, the one who sits in these three. You are the one who gears your spirit; you are the one who control your mind; you are the one who guides your physical body. You are very important and the most tragic part of it is –  nobody wants you to be important. [They say,] ‘Why should I let you be important. If I make you important then I can’t exploit you. If you become wise then what is my position.’

Some people ask me, ‘What is the solution for my problems?’ [I say] stand before a mirror and, according to your own judgment, try to be graceful. …Look fully at yourself and just dress-up where you can look graceful to yourself. I can guarantee you one thing – there will no problems in your life. When you interact with anybody, just tell yourself, ‘I am graceful and I have to be graceful.’ It is a very honest affirmation.

What is your power that will make you rich, prosperous, and pleasant? Grace. This one word.  And in your life, there is no life if your angle is wrong. In your entire life there is one powerful thing, that is the angle. If your angle is right, you are right. If your angle is wrong, you are wrong. I don’t care which woman you are, which man you are, where are you, what you are doing. Whatever you are doing is a routine. In this route and routine, you have to see that your angle is correct. Your grace is maintained by you, not by anybody else. This is what the Aquarian age is. … We who are crossing into the Age of Aquarius are to be different people. We have to be hardy and courageous. We have to learn to walk tall. We have to maintain ourselves.

MEDITATION – Conscious Existence – Open up the Newness in You

  1. Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Raise both hands at shoulder level, with the elbows relaxed down. Point the index and middle fingers up and use the thumb to hold down the other two. Eyes are closed. Rhythmically spread the index and middle fingers open and closed. Continue for 11 minutes.
  2. Do not stop the movement. Form an “o” with the mouth and breathe powerfully through it, pumping the navel in rhythm with the breath. Continue for 2 1/2 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and pull the navel towards the spine. Cannon Fire Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. Relax. When Jupiter (index finger) and Saturn (middle finger) meet the frequency of the psyche, the subconscious thoughts you have against yourself will float away. Anytime, anywhere you do this exercise it will be sufficient to open up the newness in you. After 5 minutes you will be a different person.