Learning With Purpose

Our program consists of three major areas: Academics, Spiritual Education, and Residential Life. The curriculum for all areas of our program are organized by three frames of learning that structure how students approach learning. The responsibility for teaching and learning is split between how our teachers and staff approach the educational process, and how students take an active role in their own learning.

Frameworks of Learning

The Human Experience

Students leave MPA knowing how to live as courageous, kind and conscious human beings who take the spirit of service, reverence, and perseverance into whatever they choose to do and who they become. We want each student to know their innate talents, gifts, dreams and the next steps for their learning and life exploration. This is where human purpose and values meet a rigorous curriculum, through academic study, physical education, spiritual practices and residential living. Students learn how to learn and how to make a difference.

A Thinking Curriculum

Life-long learning is based on cultivating the courage to be curious, to ask questions, to discern fact from opinion and form their own ideas and opinions. Active participation is an essential building block of learning. We can only learn and have meaningful experiences when we bring our whole selves to the situation. Part of engagement is understanding why we participate in an activity or learn about certain subjects. We actively listen and give students the space to make connections and find personal purpose in learning.

Learning by doing

Our overall school curriculum is designed for students to learn and have opportunities to apply knowledge to real-world situations, in and out of the classroom. Students get ample opportunities to explore who they are and who they want to be. That means exposing students to a wide range of activities and academic subjects that challenge and nurture their whole self. They learn how to show up, learn, interact and serve with courage from the heart. 

Student Agency

We know that students who actively participate in the program get a lot out of it, and we support them to be their best selves while at school.  This comes from being given the power to take ownership of their own life experience within the framework of the school program.

Voice and Choice

Through our emphasis on meditation, reflection and cultivating self-awareness, our students practice identifying how they feel and think about things. They are then empowered and able to express themselves and work with their peers, staff and teachers to design their school experience.  This takes the form of organizing themselves and planning creative activities in their houses, squads, planning social events, working with advisors, and participating in learning committees – spaces where students give feedback on academic programs and give ideas on what works for them and what could be improved.

Multiple Perspectives

Our school is diverse and global, as are the communities many of our students come from. Students come from  different backgrounds with different experiences, skills and aspirations. Learning about other people and ideas builds empathy, compassion, and understanding. We explore this through our coursework, activities, and conversations.

Personal and Social Responsibility

 It’s important to know how to show up for yourself so that you can show up for others. The whole MPA program empowers students to learn how to cultivate their own well-being. Students learn how to self-reflect, cultivate reverence for the world around them, and compassionately implement practices for their mental health and emotional regulation. 

Equally important is understanding individual responsibility to others in a social and residential context. We learn how to treat others as individuals and cultivate empathy and compassion in situations of conflict and frustration, personally and in our world. Learning the power of personal choice and how what we choose to say, think, and do can affect our lives, relationships, societies and the future.