In-Person Worshops

In-Person Workshop

We offer our students multiple opportunities to challenge themselves and excel. To that end, we have provided a number of intensive programmes to give students an experience of their own tenacious spirit and unlimited potential. These intensives are a highlight for our students and keep the spirit of the school elevated throughout the year.


Every year, all students participate in a special course designed to deepen their understanding of themselves, their relationships, their health, and their spiritual practise. Instruction is divided by gender so that students can receive the information and training that best suits their needs as they enter society. The programme includes intensive yoga and physical training, courses on yogic diet, goal-setting, and positive thinking, and training in relationship and communication skills.

40-Day Sadhana

Each year our students and staff choose a particularly challenging set of meditations for a school-wide 40-day Sadhana (daily spiritual discipline). Everyone rises early in the morning to participate. A few of our choices in the past several years include long Ek Ong Kars, repetition of the Re-Man shabd, and a combination of bowing Jaap-Sahib and Kirtan Kriya.
MPA students doing meditation

40-Day Seva

Twice a year, the school as a whole wakes up at 2:00 AM to perform the Seva of cleaning the parkarma at the Golden Temple for forty days. This is a highlight for all students and staff and one of the most memorable experiences of being at MPA.


Every year we organise a voluntary trip to Goindwal, a Gurdwara established by Guru Amar Das, where students participate in the recitation of Japji Sahib, the Song of the Soul, on each of the 84 steps. The process takes a minimum of 12 hours, and students who choose to participate in the meditation gain a new experience of Japji Sahib and of themselves.
MPA students meditating

Japa Course

Our 12th-grade students take a Japa meditation course held by Jugat Guru Singh. Japa is the repetitive recitation of a specific mantra or shabd.


Once a month the students participate in an intensive practise of Gatka that begins early in the morning and continues until midday. Our teachers acquaint the students with new concepts and give individual attention to each student’s progress.

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Online Classes

For the purpose of recognising, fostering, imparting, and improving students' extracurricular abilities, MPA offers online workshops.

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In-Person Courses

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