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    The Law of the Universe

    Obey, Serve, Love, Excel.  Yogi Harbhajan Singh Khalsa referred to that formula as the Law of the Universe.  As Shiv Charan Singh Khalsa explains it:

    MPA Students in Daily Formation

    “To obey is like following the call of the river to reach the ocean. Even when the power of the flow gets deeper and wider and is not so easy to stay with. To serve is to hold to our commitment no matter what circumstances we cross. No matter how strong the storm of fear or how great the doubt. To love is to deliver your whole and true self, letting the heart go through the pain of stretching wider to reach the discovery that there is nothing the Light of God within cannot hold and deal with. To Excel is to let that Light shine through into every single act you do.” If you can teach your child obedience and give them the experience of service, then love and excellence will follow.

    Developing Obedience

    There are countless books written on this subject, and countless approaches to discipline in parenting.  They boil down to the same thing:

    1. Be a good example.  Live what you teach.
    2. Be neutral.  If you are emotional, then your children will be commotional.
    3. Be clear and simple. Rules like “Be kind,” “Be safe,” and “Listen the first time” can be applied to almost any situation.
    4. Be consistent.  If you do not follow through on what you tell your children, then they will not learn to follow through on what you ask of them.
    5. Expect obedience.  People tend to manifest what we expect of them.

    The Service Experience

    There are no words, no lesson plans, no curriculums that can impart the wisdom gained through personal experience.  Humility and love begin with service.  You can begin at home by:

    1. Volunteering with your children at a local charity that provides service to those less fortunate.
    2. Participating as a family in food preparation and service at your community gatherings.
    3. Encouraging your children to be creative and follow their naturally altruistic inclinations.  If they state that they want to share with others, then create a sharing program at home where part of every grocery purchase is donated to the local food kitchen, or part of every allowance is set aside for charity.

    Silver House Under Rain

    By: Sukhcharan Kaur, 11th Grade

    Water drops falling from the sky, just another rainy day at Amritsar, India. Everyone is hiding beneath ceilings and umbrellas, closing stores, suspending activities, running back home and desperately trying to stay dry…everyone but MPA students.

    What is so “dangerous” about the rain? Why do people always run away from it? After all, water is one of the most precious gifts of Mother Nature. We are lucky to get it, avoiding it just keeps us away from being part of the miracle. Yes it is true, your clothes may be wet, the hairdo or makeup could vanish and you could even get a small cold. All of those reasons are not enough to avoid the sensations of water running all over the body, the sight of all the plants and trees being watered by nature or the fun you can get without having to pay a cent.

    One thing we have been taught here is the power within ourselves to turn things as we want them to be. Bad things can only become bad when we let them; it is just matter of perspective. We can take something, complain about all the negative effects of it while hiding from them, or we can take the same thing and think what we can do to make it useful and

    pleasant. And by following this philosophy, Silver House was given one of the greatest times our squad has spent together this year.

    Playing in the rain.

    Everything wet, all full of mud, at any time you could just slip and fall right on the ground. What is the best thing to do about it? Run to the Kabadi field! There’s no better place to spend a quality rainy squad time than a whole field where everything that surrounds you is just a flat ground full of mud which, by the way, is designed as a wrestling space. Our Squad Leader, Akaljeet Kaur, took us to enjoy the rain to the maximum as we ran and fought under it.

    “Her shirt is still clean!” that’s all we needed to hear to run after one of the girls and throw mud all over her. From our feet to the last end of our hair, every single girl of our squad finished covered in sludge. Wrestling, running, fighting and enjoying the gift of water was how we decided to have fun together. It is hard to put into words the experience and sensation of having done that, but I can say that it brought back the kid within us.

    People who decided that rain was not good for them and preferred to stay away from it allowed the situation to affect their life. By using our mind to remake the situation according to our desires,  we opted to live in the moment and enjoy what we were given. We turned “a rainy day” into “our rainy day.” In the end, the sun shone upon us and a big rainbow arose to our delight.

    What will you do on your next rainy day?

    Congratulations Honor Roll Students!

    Results of the Cambridge Exams for 10th and 12th Grade have not yet been announced.  The following students earned a 3.5 GPA or higher thus far:

    • Siri Avtar Singh Khalsa
    • Tashi Nyima
    • Narayan Singh Khalsa
    • Japji Singh Khalsa
    • Gururaj Singh Khalsa
    • Guru Partap Singh Khalsa
    • Gurusundesh Singh Khalsa
    • Simran Kaur Narang
    • Gurudev Singh Khalsa
    • Simran Kaur Khalsa
    • Andrea Viviana Garza
    • Ramneek Kaur Brar
    • Har Narayan Singh Khalsa
    A big congratulations also to Devdharam Singh.  He was awarded a Dean’s scholarship of $10,000 from Hamline University and another Dean’s scholarship from the College of Wooster for $19,500, where he has decided to attend.  We are so proud of you Devdharam!

    What’s Happening at MPA

    • Our first ever Cambridge Examinations have begun!!  After the first day Kirandeep Kaur reported: “Our first CIE have finally begun. The grade 10 students began their examinations with the Combined Science practical examinations and the History Paper 1 examination. One examination in the morning and the other in the afternoon.
      According to the students the Combined Science practical was easy in parts (Biology and Chemistry) and a little tough in Physics. However, they attempted the examination with confidence and complete composure. After the examination was over, they felt that they had scored “well”.   After this examination they sat with Arvind and revised for the History examination, taking a short break for lunch. The questions in the History examination were not tough and Arvind had covered most of the material in her classes and during the academic intensive.  Again the students, attempted the examination with skills, which are displayed by students who are used to taking such arduous examinations. The A/Cs are a boon in the examination classrooms as it is so much more comfortable for the students and they can concentrate on their examination instead of the heat.”
    • Before leaving for home the students participated in demonstration classes using the three new Smart Board’s that will be employed next year:
    • The first ever web-conference meeting between Kirandeep Kaur, Academic Principal and interested parents was held at the end of April.  Present were:  Gurumeher Singh, Guruprasad Kaur, Siri Daya Singh, Simran Kaur (parent and board member), Siri Shiva Singh, Guruhans Kaur, and Gurumustuk Singh.  Guru Meher Singh wrote “We all felt a lot of appreciation, and more in touch with what is happening for our kids at MPA. The notes reflect our desire to continue and build on this positive experience.”  We hope to make this kind of valuable collaboration a regular tradition!
    • You’re invited to the Miri Piri Academy Graduation Ceremony for 2010! See details here.
    • Enrollment for the 2010-2011 school year is now open. Please start your application today! Financial Aid applications for new students are also being accepted. If you have any questions please contact Pooja Vohra at [email protected].
    • We invite you to subscribe to the newsfeed of our official MPA Blog so you can stay in touch with what the children are doing!

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