Helping Students Succeed

Advisory Groups

All students join an advisory group in 9th grade which lasts throughout their four year MPA residency. Groups are led by a teacher and/or residential staff member. They provide academic and social-emotional mentorship to create a personalized and supportive learning experience. Teachers meet one-on-one with students and in group settings that promote coziness, empathy, and connection.

Groups meet weekly and cover academic and non-academic content, including: goal setting, study plans, progress reflection, life skills, and anything else that comes up in their lives. Advisors set up meetings with parents periodically to discuss their child’s progress and plans for their success.


Learning Labs

Learning Labs are a designated time and space for personalized learning, where students can make choices about what they want to learn and how to use their time for the projects they have. Students use this time to complete homework assignments, work on individual projects, study individually or with peers, or get individual support from teachers. 

Support is available during Learning Labs for individual students or groups of students who need extra assistance with projects and grasping concepts/skills. More intensive, personalized tutoring is available outside of Lab time at an additional fee.

Study Skills

Special seminars are held throughout the year to focus on strategies for effective learning. Topics include: note-taking, time-management, reading techniques, writing organization, and test prep.

English Language Learners (ELL)

Students come to MPA from all over the world, and some with no or limited experience speaking English. We assess each student’s English speaking skills during the application interview, and some are asked to complete a written language assessment test to determine their level of proficiency in English. Students with a basic knowledge of English receive modified course materials to facilitate their learning through immersion in the classroom. Where more support is required, our teachers can provide ongoing group or one-on-one ELL support at an additional charge.

College Prep

Students meet with the Academic Principal for regular, one-on-one sessions throughout their time at Miri Piri Academy. During these meetings, tools for navigating the global college admissions processes are discussed, as well as guidance for paths of study. More Info