About MPA – Is it for me?

Not sure if MPA is right for you? Students from all over the world, from every race, religion and background call MPA home. In their own words:

  • I love how there are people at MPA from all over the world, how traditions and cultures mix, and languages get taught in exchange for another. I love how deep friendships become at the school, how everyone becomes a huge family of brothers and sisters. After you finish high school you have friends and connections all over the world. – Sat Nam Kaur Wester
  • Coming to MPA has really broadened my horizons. As a student here I have had the pleasure to live and interact with people from across the globe. Even through our differences we find a way to grow together emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. MPA has created a space that has the atmosphere of a home away from home. – Atma Kaur Khalsa