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Miri Piri Academy is committed to creating an environment for students that fosters mastery of the mind and elevation of the spirit. Our program combines rigorous academics, daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and a strong sense of community to give each student an experience of self-mastery and leadership. Parents send their children to Miri Piri Academy to learn and practice a spiritual lifestyle, develop self-discipline and confidence, and give them the skills and the knowledge they will need to be successful in life.  
MPA is in the final stages of accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). NEASC is an independent, voluntary, nonprofit membership organization which partners with over 1500 public, independent, and international schools in the United States and worldwide to assess, support, and promote high quality education for all students through accreditation, professional assistance, and pursuit of best practices. NEASC aspires to provide a process for meaningful, ongoing whole school improvement while honoring the unique culture and context of each institution we support. Founded in 1885, NEASC has been working to establish and maintain high standards for all levels of education longer than any other accreditation agency in the United States. MPA students will graduate with the equivalent of a US high school diploma. 
The school year generally begins in August and ends in May. Check out specific Important Dates, which change yearly.
We have a medical department on campus currently staffed with a Medical Coordinator, Nurses, and a residential School Counsellor. We have a sick room, an isolation room and a small dentist office. In addition to offering allopathic treatments, we also have contracts with local homeopathic and ayurvedic practitioners. There are opportunities for massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy appointments seasonally on campus for a small additional fee. MPA works with some of the leading doctors and hospitals in Amritsar for our allopathic and alternative care therapies.
The safety of the children remains our paramount concern and we continue to follow all the government advised protective measures against Covid-19 to providing a safe environment for students to learn and live. View our policies.
Miri Piri Academy accepts students from any country or background, with different levels of English fluency. We offer for students in grade 9 or 10 who are not proficient in English to participate in our Structured English Immersion (SEI) program and receive extra language help. By the end of the first school year, SEI students who apply themselves are generally fluent in English and able to keep up in the classroom. There is an extra fee for enrollment in the SEI program. 
Miri Piri Academy offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including sports, art, music, yoga, and community service. Students are required to participate in a sports program that includes football (soccer), basketball, and Kabaddi (a Punjabi wrestling sport). Our music and art classes include classical Indian vocals, tabla, drama, and others. Training in Gatka, a traditional Sikh martial art, and participation in community service (Seva) programs are mandatory for all students. Kundalini Yoga classes are offered 4 times a week as well as other evening meditations. 
Many students come to MPA from diverse faiths and backgrounds. Although the school is founded on the teachings of Sikhism, students of any race, religion or culture are welcome. Students practice the Sikh lifestyle as a part of our program, but there is no expectation that they will adopt the Sikh religion. Students are welcome to practice any other religion while attending the school.  
Every year during winter and spring breaks, the school travels to other parts of India for vacation and sightseeing. Past trips have included Shimla, Dharmsala, and Rishikesh. Each spring we attend Hola Mohalla in Anandpur Sahib as well as class trips to places like Rajasthan, Hemkunt Sahib and Leh Ladakh. Twelfth-grade students also have the opportunity to go on the Senior Class Trip to countries like Australia, Malaysia, or Thailand. Because of Covid, trips may be limited for the 2022-2023 school year. 

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