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For further details, please contact MPA’s Admissions Team at +91-80540-18906 or e-mail us at [email protected]

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Financial Aid

Miri Piri Academy is an inclusive school. We have a Financial Aid programme to help students receive quality education.

To qualify for Financial Aid, the following conditions must be met:

  • Combined family income should be less than INR.50,000 per month.
  • Student must have a good academic record.

  • 1. Financial Aid is valid only on the tuition fee. Parents will be required to purchase uniforms, textbooks, and supplies, and pay for all school related trips.
  • The Financial Aid will be valid for one academic year, after which there will be a review.
  • To re-apply for the Financial Aid, the student needs to maintain an academic GPA of 75% and 95% attendance.

Apply Now

  • Step 1
    • Complete the online admissions and Financial Aid application form.
    • Submit online:
      • Copies of the last 3 years Income Tax Returns (ITR) for all earning members of the family; OR
      • A notarized letter on the official company letterhead stating their tenure of work and salary (for individuals who do not file ITR); OR
      • For self-employed applicants, self declaration on a notarized affidavit, attested by the counselor.
      • Notarized copy of OBC/SC/ST/ EWS Certificate.

  • Step 2
    • The Miri Piri Academy Financial Aid committee will review the application. The applicant will be informed after a week whether the Financial Aid application has been accepted or not.

  • Step 3
    • If the Financial Aid application has been accepted, the parent will be required to submit the following original documents:
      A notarized affidavit stating if they live on rented/owned property, properties owned by parents and siblings, earnings of all the members of the house.

  • Step 4
    • Official letter of percentage Financial Aid grant will be issued and communicated to the parents with all the payment details.

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Day School

We believe that meaningful learning is a transformative process that includes the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Our students are engaged and motivated by understanding that their learning has relevance, meaning and purpose.
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Character Traits

Three fundamental tenets of Sikh philosophy serve as the foundation for our entire curriculum.

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School Values

As part of our curriculum, students engage in Sikh culture, but there is no expectation that they would convert to the Sikh faith.

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