Covid Safety

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our students to learn, thrive, and take part in the full scope of school academics and activities. The safety of our students remains our paramount concern as we continue to closely monitor the global situation and stay abreast of developing medical treatments. 

Our Covid protocols are framed on international best practices, and we follow the guidelines set by the Government of India, in conjunction with our medical advisor Dr. Asheesh Sinha (Chief of Internal Medicine, Ivy Hospital, Amritsar), and Momentum India, (Health and Safety Management Solutions). Both Dr. Sinha and Momentum India provide us with ongoing mitigation, guidance, and prevention strategies throughout the year. 

We also have access to many modalities of holistic medicine, including homeopathy and ayurveda,  which can increase immune strength and help with illness symptoms (administered with prior parental approval).

The following information provides details on our policies, which we will review and update as guidance evolves.


LAST UPDATED: 5th January 2022