About this course

Bring your meditative experience into another level as you join KRI international trainers Sukhdev Kaur and Hari Krishan Singh in Amritsar, India on a meditative journey of self-exploration. Deepen your meditation practice and unravel the intricate relationship between you and your mind.


This is a one-time opportunity for an in depth exploration of your mind, its functions, facets and projections. By understanding and nurturing this essential connection, you can unlock your full potential. Meditate in the Golden Temple of Amritsar and experience Teacher Training with the unique MPA signature.


The course is a KRI certified Level 2 Kundalini yoga Teacher Training as taught by Yogi Bhajan for those who hold a Level 1 certificate. However, any experienced yoga and meditation practitioner is welcome to join in this experience.


This course takes place at the Miri Piri Academy campus and includes daily meditation practice at the Golden Temple and evening outings.

Early Bird (Before January 15, 2024): $1200

*Late Registration (After January 15, 2024): $1500
Cost includes all transportation, accommodation and food.
*Discount of $108 for those who join both this course and Women's Camp


* Morning Afternoon
February 24th Arrival
February 25th Golden Temple Shopping in Amritsar
February 26th Mind and Meditation. Exploring the Mind Functional and Impersonal minds
February 27th Electro-chemistry of the brain and Cycle of a thought. Synchronize your Mind and Soul Mind games and Mental intrigues. Tattwas and pratyahar. Evening outing to Goindwal
February 28th Dynamics and Structure of the Mind and Tools for the Mind 9 Aspects of the Mind
February 29th Deep Meditation: Balancing your 9 aspects. Enrich your Mind Deep Meditation: Balancing your 9 aspects. Enrich your Mind
March 1st Projections and Facets of the Mind in Meditation. Refine the Mind. Evening outing
March 2nd The committed mind beyond the mind. Isht, Shuniya, Teacher’s Mind
March 3rd Golden Temple early morning and departures

Our Teachers

Hari Krishan Singh
Co-founder of Cherdi Kala International Kundalini Yoga

Hari Krishan Singh a Dutch but resident in Germany, is co-founder of Cherdi Kala International Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya School along with his wife Bachitar Kaur. He travels and teaches internationally as a Lead Level 1 & 2 and 21 Stages of Meditation Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and is a Karam Kriya Consultant, Karam Kriya Yoga Coach and Trainer. He is responsible for establishing many training programs around the world, often in cooperation with the Karam Kriya School and Shiv Charan Singh. With profound understanding and insight into the Teachings and an abundant sense of humor, Hari Krishan’s infectious presence naturally puts people at ease. He brings the Teachings across in a way that is both light and deep and facilitates deep processes of change and personal growth.

Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa
Director, MPA Continuing Education

Sukhdev Kaur Khalsa, originary from Mexico, is a pioneer in the Baltics since the early 2000s, where she has been working extensively on sharing the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Sikh Dharma, supporting the community, running different yoga centers in Tallinn and building and running the Guru Ram Das Ashram in Estonia. She dedicates most of her time to sharing the Teachings of Kundalini yoga Level 1, 2 and 3 internationally. She is the coordinator of the European Yoga Festival Gurdwara and also board member of the Sikh Dharma Education International board. Sukhdev Kaur holds the transformational space for students in a warm and loving way in order for everyone to find their balance and place of spiritual growth.

Enrolment is open