Reasons To Give – Anmol

Anmol – I have learned how to do yoga and at home it’s really challenge to wake up early. I love going to the Golden Temple.

Reasons To Give – Seva Nihal

Seva Nihal – I have learned to read Sohila, Reharas, and Japji. I have learned my discipline of waking up at 5 in the morning with no junk food or T.V for the week.

Reasons to Give – Puneet

Puneet – At MPA I get to meditate and when I meditate I feel like I am with God. I’ve also learned to be honest, polite and share with my friends.

Reasons To Give – Siri Amrit

Siri Amrit Kaur – I am different now because I am friends with more people and I’m playing sports with everyone else.

122 Reasons to Give – Amrit Bani

Amrit Bani – I love to have fun in art class, I love to listen to Gurbani Kirtan and I’ve learned to be polite and love everybody!