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Miri Piri Academy is committed to creating an environment for students that fosters mastery of the mind and elevation of the spirit. Our programme combines rigorous academics, daily practise of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and a strong sense of community to give each student an experience of self-mastery and leadership.

Both the day school students and the residents of MPA follow the same curriculum during academic hours. The boarding curriculum supplements the academic curriculum with extra sports, yoga, meditation and residential life activities.

Students practise the Sikh lifestyle as a part of our programme, but there is no expectation that they will adopt the Sikh religion. Students are welcome to practise any other religion while attending the school.

Miri Piri Academy invites students in grades 6 through 12 who are motivated by our curriculum and want to challenge themselves to grow individually and intellectually. To enrol, students must be a legal resident of India or hold a Student (S) Visa. We are currently accepting applications for grade 6 through 9.

Yes, MPA is an inclusive school. We seek students who are self-motivated and who love challenges, creativity, and curiosity.

Online application for MPA is a quick and simple process. Following the submission of your application, we will contact you to schedule an interview and assist you through each stage. Applications are now being accepted for the next academic year. We hope to speak with you soon! To fill in the application please click on https://mpa.in5.nopaperforms.com

Due to their unique holistic experience attending an international, spiritually and intellectually balanced boarding school in India, MPA alumni are particularly appealing to colleges and institutions in India and throughout the world.

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