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Student Life

Students of all abilities are challenged and supported to do more than they think they can at MPA.

An ethic of excellence is cultivated through the academic, physical and spiritual life programmes.
Throughout their time at MPA, students participate in our spiritual programme that includes Kundalini yoga and meditation, fundamentals of Sikh Dharma, seva, gurbani kirtan, and gatka. Sports, such as soccer, basketball and kabaddi encourage physical activity and teamwork while music and art develop creativity and subtlety.
All students are expected to achieve a minimum of 5 IGCSE and 3 A Level subjects to enable them to obtain a place at a college/university of their choice.
We do not segregate our children by social class or academic ability. Instead, we share a common responsibility through our teachers, students, and families for rigorous expectations of effort, attitude and achievement. Together, we work tirelessly towards personal, academic and life readiness.
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Boarding School

We believe that meaningful learning is a transformative process that includes the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Our students are engaged and motivated by understanding that their learning has relevance, meaning and purpose.
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Residential Programme

A strong feeling of camaraderie and discipline permeates MPA's campus life.

Spiritual Life

At Miri Piri Academy, spiritual education and practice are a fundamental part of the daily life of the Day and Boarding students.

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Our school delivers a robust Cambridge curriculum to Boarding and Day school learners.


Applying to MPA is a quick and easy online process. Once your application is submitted, we will call for an interview and walk you through all the steps.

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