Another Year Finished

It is finally time. MPA’s school year is actually at it’s close. We all gathered in the gurudwara as a last meeting before students and staff started to depart for home the next morning. This was our last meeting as a school for the year.

We did a energy filled healing meditation and then opened up the floor for staff and students who wanted to address the school, saying their goodbyes and pointing out some great parts of this year. After that we passed out the completed year books.

Siri Krishna, Hari Simran, and Siri Radha worked very hard this year to compile one of the best yearbooks yet. The students were excited to receive them and everyone grouped together for an hour afterwards to have their friends sign their yearbooks.

We then gave out the physical fitness awards. A few weeks ago the students tested in the US high school physical fitness test. The test included push ups, sit ups, and the one mile run. Students that completed these tests above the 85th percentile received the Presidential Award. Congratulations to all who got it!

After the mediation we all went downstairs and had some frozen kulfi and popcorn then everyone sat to watch Guru Amrit Hari and her bhangara troop give a pre solstice performance for the school. This went great and it seemed like everyone really enjoyed it. It was after this that I said my goodbyes to everyone as I was leaving the next morning as the chaperone for the first group headed home. 

Amrit Singh said it perfectly at the meditation. “This year was our best year yet. I know we say that every year, but thats what is so great about it. Every year is actually our best year because every year we are growing so much!”

This is my last blog post. I want to say thank you to all the staff, students, and parents who make MPA possible. I am very grateful for the opportunity to take this year and serve the place that gave me the tools to grow into who I am today and who I’m striving to be.