Winning in Delhi!

This last weekend the boys soccer team and the girls basketball team travelled to Delhi to face the American Embassy for the second time this school year. Last time we went, we played some good matches, but ultimately walked away with losses. This time around it was a different story. The soccer boys dominated in both of their games. The first game ended 8-1 and the second game ended 10-2! We played amazingly well and players like Gagandeep, one of our substitute defensive players, shined by playing the best he ever had.

I asked Manny about how he thought they played. “We played well and I’m happy with the result, but there is a lot that we need to improve on.” 

Despite their dominating wins, the team still saw room for improvement. The season isn’t over for them , we still have games scheduled to happen back at MPA. One is coming up this weekend and we plan on playing a college team soon. 

The MPA girls basketball team also performed well. The first game was against the embassy’s junior varsity team. Our girls were playing awesome from the start of the game and seemed very together as a team. They won this match by a lot. The next day the girls played the varsity team. Three years ago our MPA girls were the only team to EVER beat them. We weren’t able to beat them this time, but our girls played well and gave them a fight! 

Great job everyone on the sports teams. We may not have many students (yet) but that doesn’t stop us from having great teams with skill, discipline, and determination.