White House Wins!


It’s official, white house won the overall house competition. It came down to a close tie between blue and white house. The winner would be based off of which house got more points in the award competition. Amrita from white won most outstanding new girl and gave the win to white. Right after the announcement white house packed their bags and went to town to spend two days and one night at the Best Western.

I used to be the white house squad leader and so I was happy that they won and proud of my former squad member and current squad leader Siri Sham Sunder and his female counterpart Eva for leading their house to victory.

The winning trip consisted of eating delicious food, staying up late, bowling, drinking yogurt lassi out of a giant trophy, and basically just having fun away from the school.

Congratulations white house and the other three houses who put there all into each competition this year.



I’ll be posting pictures of the sward competition soon!