They Showed us What They're Made Of

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

The year of competitions ended on Friday with the always exciting yoga competition. Heading into this competition Gold House was in the lead, 55 points ahead of Blue House. Blue House put their best forward and won the yoga competition but it wasn’t enough to move them into first place overall. They finished just 15 points shy of Gold House, who became this year’s winning squad for the second year in a row!

Special Awards

Just prior to the yoga competition, the special awards were given out. These are given to students who stand out in the various categories for their skill, but also for their dedication. For example, Gurkirat Singh won in the sports category not only because he participates in multiple sports and gives his all when he plays, but also because he helps get games going, organizes evening practices and gets others excited about playing. We also introduced the most improved sub-category this year for sports, yoga and gatka to honour those students who put in significant effort and greatly improved in that category. 

  Best Overall Most Improved
Sports Luna and Gurkirat Celesta and Darshan Akal
Yoga Paramjot and Vladimir Vega and Hargobind
Gatka Leela and Guru Partap Vega and Angad
Music Luna and Amar  
Most Improved Raminder and Amarbir  
Outstanding New Student Hana and Satinderpal  
Spirit of Seva Award Harsimran and Guru Simrat  


Yoga Competition

The judges upped their game in this year’s yoga competition, holding the yogis to more stringent requirements. There was less movement allowed during an exercise, with clear instructions as to what was and was not allowed. As a result of these stricter guidelines there were less records set this year. The only new school record was set in the intermediate male plank pose category by Sasha, grade 7. He held the pose for 20 minutes and 9 seconds. There were other impressive numbers, including Karm Singh who almost beat his brother’s record for stretch pose (He’s coming for you Malie!).  

Plank, Sarabandande, Stretch Pose Winners

  Plank Pose Sarabandande Kriya Stretch Pose
Intermediate Girl Joti (7:36)  Vega (262)  Elisa (4:40) 
Intermediate Boy Sasha (20:09)*  Amarbir (300)  Daniil (4:44) 
Senior Girl Caterina (12:08)  Annika (220)  Emily (9:34)
Senior Boy Bao (13:35)  Manjot (401)  Karm (11:12) 

*new school record


Mystery Exercise

There were two mystery exercises this year. For the intermediates, the youngest boy and girl from each squad had to meditate silently for as long as they could; any movement disqualified them. Akashpreet Kaur, grade 7, continued for 15 minutes even after we started setting up for the next competition. 

The senior exercise was inspired by the current 40 day sadhana. It was a shoulder stand in which instead of your legs pointing straight into the air, they point forward at a 60 degree angle. It was hard for most students to get that pose right. Those who did were able to hold it for a few minutes, with Ulysse holding it the longest at 4 minutes and 5 seconds. 

  Silent Meditation   Special Shoulder Stand
Youngest Girl Akashpreet (15:00) Senior Girl Paramjot (2:30)
Youngest Boy Manit Singh (13:00) Senior Boy Ulysse (4:05)


Yogic Fitness Test

In the Yogic Fitness Test, each student attempts 3 minutes of camel pose, bow pose and 108 frogs. At the end of the three exercises, a percentage is calculated for each house that reflects the number of squad members who succesfully completed each exercise. 

Blue House 86%
Gold House 82%
White House 74%
Silver House 74%



The overall house winner for this year was Gold House! They were a strong house all year, coming in first place in the frisbee, bhangra, general knowledge, halloween, dharmic knowledge, senior soccer, and marching competitions. To celebrate, they get to spend an evening together in town, staying at the Holiday Inn and spending their time as they wish. Congratulations Gold House!