Welcome to the Kingdom

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Blue House hosted their Thai-themed dinner this past Saturday. It was a beautiful, graceful evening led by squad leaders, Nanki and Malie. The day before the event, a poster advertising the Muay Thai championship between Tashi “Tanyi” and Daniel “Daintch” was put up on the Academic building; it created a lot of buzz!

Blue House created a beautiful, light atmosphere for the evening, with wonderful costumes and plenty of flowers. When the guests arrived, they were welcomed with a story told by Saribjot Kaur and we were asked to write down our wishes and place them in our flower centerpieces to be put in the sacred waters at the end of the evening.

The evening’s entertainment was a beautiful traditional dance, performed by all of the female members of Blue House and that Muay Thai fight between Tashi and Daniel, with Daniel coming out victorious. You can see those in the video below.

The menu for the evening was traditional Thai food: fried tofu and spring rolls served with peanut sauce for the appetizer; thai curry and fried rice for the main; and mango sticky rice with coconut ice cream for dessert. They also served two lovely drinks, a thai iced tea and warm hibiscus tea.

All the guests enjoyed the evening. They had fun dressing up in either their take on traditional Thai dress or the more modern beach look.

The Invitation

Preparing the Feast

Many hours of work went into preparing the evening’s dinner. All hands were on deck, peeling, slicing, chopping and cooking to get everything ready in time.

Preparing the Space

The space was prepared beautifully for the evening with all of the tables being placed around the outside of the tent with plenty of space for the boxing ring. They also picked many flowers from around campus for the centerpieces and to wear in their hair.

The Decorations

Welcoming the Guests

The guests were welcomed by Amrit Bani and Adesh Kaur as they entered the tent.

The Menu

The menu included fried tofu and spring rolls with peanut sauce for the appetizer; Thai curry and fried rice for the main and mango sticky rice and coconut ice cream for dessert. I was so eager to try the dishes that I only took pictures of the appetizer!

The Guests

Blue House

Blue House looking lovely in traditional Thai attire.

Enjoying the Evening

Daniel “Daintch” making his victory speech, a parody of Anderson “The Spider” Silva; the floating wishes and dinner guests enjoying the evening.


All good parties must come to an end.