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This year’s Open House was a great success. People travelled far and wide to be with us and enjoy our students’ presentations and performances. We had parents and families, alumni, various yatras, and friends from within Amritsar and around the world. 

The Academic Principal, Kirandeep Kaur, coordinated this event that brought together many departments, including the art department, the music department, the English department, the Science department, as well as aspects of our residential life program, including marching and gatka. 

Upon arrival, our guests were invited to look at the wonderful art the students have made, including paintings, drawings, photographs and pottery. Around 10:00am snacks were served in the quad, followed by two bhangra performances; one by the students and one by the staff. 

Following these performances we went inside. Our guests were welcomed by Jugat Guru Singh and led through some Kundalini yoga exercises and an 11-minute meditation by Premnath Singh. After that tune-up, there were gurbani kirtan, sitar and tabla performances. Next we went back outside into the blazing sun to see Gold House perform their marching demonstration, followed by a high energy gatka presentation. At the end of the presentations, we all had a wonderful lunch together in the shade. 

It was a beautiful, graceful day. It was an opportunity for our students to demonstrate what they’ve been learning and a chance for all of us to catch-up with friends new and old. 


Art and Academic Exhibition


Bhangra Presentation

To watch the bhangra performances, go to our Facebook page.


Welcome by Jugat Guru Singh and Meditation led by Premnath


Kirtan Presentation


Sitar Demonstration


Tabla Performance


Marching Demonstration


Gatka Presentation


Enjoying Lunch


The Many Faces of MPA