Viva México!

This last Monday we had a special celebration for Mexican Independence Day. Mexicans have been coming to study here at MPA for a long time now, and this year was no exception. There are currently 9 students, Daniela, Sebastián, Diego, Juan, Luis Diego and Alfredo, Siri Darshan and Shivraj, and also Adesh, who is the youngest one, and 5 different staff members,  Ajooni, Chanandev, Prem, Ananda, and myself. As it is part of our culture to celebrate the warmth from home, we all came together during the weekend and started to talk about it. Even though it is a controversial day back in our country, politically speaking, in the end every year it is celebrated and we felt we wanted to take the occasion to share some tasty Mexican food with everybody and to play some music to bring in a festive mood. All the other Spanish speakers joined in as well, as there are people from Peru and Bolivia, and we all in general had a really nice time!

Ajooni Singh is in charge of the kitchen now. He just recently moved to Amritsar with his wonderful wife, Prem Kaur and their lovely daugther, Adesh, to work and live here at the school. It is such a blessing to have them in here! Ajooni humbly served the Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan for several years. He used to cook for him, and for everyone else from the Sangat back at his ranch in La Española, New Mexico.

Now that he is here, everyone says that the food is so much better compared to previous years, which make the students really happy and keeps them strong and healthy.

Here are some pictures of that day and there is a special article on Ajooni´s inspiring story coming soon to our blog, so please stay tuned!