Ultimate Frisbee Competition

Today was the inter house Ultimate Frisbee Competition. Squads have been practicing Frisbee all week in preparation. This competition is an interesting one because Ultimate Frisbee is not a sport that s played often here at MPA. This gave the squad leader’s and their squads a challenge to overcome in getting prepared for something they are not used to.

Every squad in this competition faced each other in a round robin style tournament. The first match was White House vs Blue House. This was an awesome match to watch with a lot of back and forth. Blue House wound up winning this match and used this momentum to beat the other two sqauds as well. White House took second only loosing the one match to Blue. Gold beat Silver to take third.During the senior tournament there was also an intermediate competition going on, on a smaller field. Silver house placed first in this one.

It is eleventh grade’s duty during the course of this year to raise money for the twelfth grade graduation celebration at the end of the year. Competition’s are great times to sell snacks and drinks to the students (and staff). The eleventh grade didn’t pass up this opportunity, supplying lots of cold ice tea and hand made pretzels.

I have to say that this competition was a lot of fun, not only because of the good Frisbee games, but also because of the enthusiastic support and relaxed atmosphere on the sidelines.