Turban Tying Competition

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

This weekend we had our annual Turban Tying Competition. It’s a great way to encourage our students to bring greater excellence to their turbans and it gives some of our new students motivation to learn to tie their turbans for themselves. 

For this competition, each house had ten minutes to tie their turbans before being evaluated by our judges Jugat Guru Singh, Amrit Singh, Guru Amrit Hari Kaur and Gururam Kaur. Each turban was scored from 0-5 points. To get the overall house score, each squad member’s score was added together and then divided by the number of squad members; males and females were scored separately. The top scores went to White House boys and the Blue House girls. 

Individual awards were also given as follows: best new female student, Sevak Prem Kaur; best new male student, Satinder Pal Singh; best intermediate female student, Siri Atma Kaur; best intermediate male student, Amar Singh; best senior female student, Saribjot Kaur; best senior male student, Mandeep Singh. 

Tying the Perfect Turban

With ten minutes on the clock, the pressure was on!

The Result!

Squad members showing off their best turbans.