Turban Competition 2014

At Miri Piri Academy the turban is part of our school uniform and signifies our identity. It is a part of Sikh teachings about bana, distinctive dress, which is worn to ensure that we live up to our ideals and never shirk our responsibilities to maintain the highest standards of behavior and action.  The turban also help contain our energy and focus on the things that we want to accomplish throughout the day.

We had our Annual Turban Competition on Saturday and it was wonderful to see the kids participating with so much enthusiasm and dedication. Each year we hold this competition to help motivate the new students to learn to tie a beautiful turban, and to encourage the returning students to be supportive and help their new friends. Many of our students are new to the Sikh lifestyle and have never tied a turban before they arrive here.

As a part of the rules the students have to tie their turban by themselves without anyone helping them. They had only ten minutes for each House, and they had to do it from scratch, which means the first step was to brush and put up their hair. They took good care of all the details and showed support to one another. During the competition the students that had no previous experience are making big improvements, and the ones that are more familiar with it are always willing to guide the others in the art of turban tying.

Take a look at the pictures to see how it went. At the end of the photo galleries you will see the results of the competition, and a small interview I had with the students.

Before, during and after the competition

Gold House

White House

Silver House

Blue House

Turban Competition Results

Best Senior Girl:                               Elizaveta (Silver)

Best Intermediate Girl:                   Saribjot (Blue)

Best Senior Boy:                               Gagandeep (White)

Best Intermediate Boys:                 Imanjit & Manjot (Gold)


1st                     Gold House                       35 points

2nd                    White House                    20 points

3rd                     Silver House                     15 points

4th                     Blue House                       10 points

How is it like to wear a Turban for the kids

After we finished with the competition, I asked some of the kids how they feel about wearing a turban and this is what they said:

“It is nice. It is kind of like a symbol of pride for me. It’s like when you walk out of your front door in the morning, and everyone sees you, you get this kind of feeling that they are looking at you cause they know you are a strong and confident person.”

“You feel more spiritual. You find yourself more present.”

“It makes me proud.”

“I grew up wearing a turban every Sunday, but after I came here I started to wear it everyday and it was different. It was hard, my ears hurt and my head hurt, but now I have learned how to tie it right so it is not like that anymore. Now when I am wearing it, I feel beautiful, like my style is perfect. It centers me and balances my emotions. I love wearing a turban.”

“At first I hated it but now I even like it because if I don’t wear it, I feel incomplete. It really works because it helps me to focus, and I can totally feel the difference when I’m wearing it than when I’m not.”

“It is kind of annoying, but at the same time it is nice because it keeps me focused, and in a way, all together.”

“I stay focused and full of energy.”

“I thought it was going to be more difficult to wear it everyday here, but now I like it. I feel good.”

“I feel that maybe in my past life I wore a turban. That it is why I am wearing it now, to embrace that ancient energy.”

“I feel naked without it. I can’t describe why, but I just feel like something is missing. I feel weird without it, like in a spiritual way I can’t do yoga or meditate if I’m not wearing it.”

“I was not used to have something on top of my head, but since the first time I wore it I totally felt something changed, as if I had more energy just by wearing it, so now I really like it.”

“I feel like it is a crown on my head, and I feel really great. It is a symbol of respect to our religion.”

“I feel really nice and beautiful with my turban.”

“It is fancy. You look cleaner and more educated.”

“It makes me feel different. I guess awake, and even in some cases, enlightened.”

“I grew up wearing a turban, so I’m used to it, but I didn’t really start wearing a full turban everyday until I came here to MPA. It’s different, but I like it, cause it centers me. It is healing.”

“It brings me to my royalty.”

“It elevates me.”

“I feel more graceful.”

“It makes me confident.”

“It was a little bit funny at the beginning, but I got used to it, and now I wear it everyday. Every time I go to the Golden Temple and people look at me, I feel like a real princess.”

“It is like I am honoring my spiritual path.”

“It brings me more into my higher self.”

“I don’t know, but I think it’s really cool.”

“I feel different, as if just by wearing it I build on my true personality and takes away my ego.”

These are all their real answers. I hope you enjoyed!