This Week in the Classroom

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

Here are some of the things the students have been up to in the classroom this week. . .


For the grade 10 performance task, the students first determined whether their home country is considered developing or developed. They then did a survey to various economic indicators and presented that information in a creative manner. They also looked at whether their home country receives any international aid and how that aid is used.

The grade 11 students looked at the inflation, GDP and unemployment of one country over several years. They examined the government’s economic policies to see what actions were taken and whether those actions brought stability to the economy during the years studied.

The grade 12 students examined rates of inflation in one country and the tools available to governments to maintain these rates. They looked at all of the possible supply-side and demand-side policies their chosen government took in the years studied.


Work and power in Physics

This week the students of 9B Physics learned how to calculate work and power, by pretending to be firefighters. They measured a staircase and then used formulas to calculate the work and power involved in climbing or running up the staircase.


Types of chemical bonding

Grade 11A Chemistry students studied three types of bonding – covalent bonding, ionic bonding and metallic bonding. They explained these types of bonding and how they related to the states of matter by making a poster.



Grade 12B Chemistry students have just finished studying proteins. They studied the various types of proteins, the formation of proteins, the importance of hydrogen bonding in DNA and how DNA replicates.