This Week in the Classroom

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

Sexual Reproduction in Plants

Grade 10 Biology students recently studied the process of sexual reproduction in plants by preparing colourful clay models of insect and wind pollinated flowers. They worked in groups and presented their models to the class. 

Comparing Cells to Countries

Grade 9 science students recently studied cells by comparing cells and their organelles to their home countries. Darshan Akal Singh, Amar Singh and Siri Atma compared cells to the United States, Amarbir Singh to Mexico, Aloka to England, Christina to China, Karm Singh to Germany and Vega and Ettore to Italy. 

Kidneys and DNA

Grade 12 Biology students have been studying the nephron, a functional unit of the kidney. They studied the ultrafiltration and reabsorption mechanisms and researched various types of ailments related to the kidney. 
Grade 12 Biology students prepared a 3D model of DNA, presenting their model to the class. They also talked about sickle cell anaemia and types of DNA replication. 

The ‘History of an Atom’ and Electrochemistry

Grade 11 students, Pritam Kirpal Kaur and Surya Bahadur Kaur, completed a projected entitled, the ‘History of an Atom’ in which they researched and discussed the various developments that led to the discovery of the structure of an atom. 

Grade 12 student, Nova, has been studying Electrochemistry. In a recent experiment, she identified the appropriate electrodes for the voltage to be detected in an electrolyte solution. She then studied why some combinations worked and some did not.