This Week in the Classroom

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Grade 8 – Atoms

The Grade 8 students created models of atoms of an element of their choosing and presented them in class. 

Grade 9 – Density

Grade 9 physics students were asked to create boats made out of aluminum foil that would be tested on water. They were tested to see how well they would float, first on their own and subsequently with steel balls added. They then studied the results and contemplated how the boats could be better designed to hold more balls. 

Grade 10 – Chemistry

Grade 10 chemistry students produced brochures to convince their teacher of the importance of the periodic table as the ultimate organizer for understanding chemistry.

Grade 12 – Chemistry

For this assignment, the students imagined that Thomas Martin Lowry and Louis Le Chatelier attended Joseph Priestley’s birthday party where Priestley was serving his new invention, the soft drink. They imagined the conversations that would take place to explain the fizzy bubbles and the equilibrium of the drink before and after it was opened from their perspective. Sat Darshan Kaur played the part of Thomas Martin Lowry, Sat Jagat Singh was Joseph Priestley and Nova was Le Chatelier.