This Week in the Classroom

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How Bread Rises

Grade 6 scientists, Dharma Ranjit and Partap, discovered how yeast interacts with sugar to create carbon dioxide. Through this experiment, they watched as the level of the flour in the bottle rose to inflate the attached balloon as it filled with carbon dioxide. They discussed that air pockets are formed in bread due to the carbon dioxide released by the yeast interacting with the bread’s sugars. 

The Business of Cupcakes

Grade 10 and 11 business students, Ali, Anmol, Hana, Mandeep, Raminder, and Simran, used the making and selling of cupcakes to study the four factors of production – land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. They used division of labour for the manufacturing process and set a price for the sale of the cupcakes according to the products’ cost. They sold them at milk break to many happy students. 

Sound Waves

Grade 12 Physics students, Luo and Sat Jugat Singh, made models of high pitched and low pitched sound waves and then labeled their wavelengths and amplitudes.