This Week in the Classroom

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The grade 11A biology students prepared flip books to demonstrate how mitosis occurs in the human body. They also made presentations of the process.

Child Labour

Grade 7 students, Jaap, Karampal and Hajoor, researched how several organizations are currently working to curb child labor. This project helped them comprehend the working of these organizations and also drew attention to this important issue. During their presentations, they shared stories of children whose lives have been changed by the work of these organizations.

Re-designing Kirandeep’s Office

Grade 6 students, Adesh, Akal Dev, Sarpreet and Siri Aadi, were tasked with re-designing Principal Kirandeep’s office. To do so, they needed to measure the office and then calculate the room’s area and perimeter. They worked together to accomplish this task.

Grade 12B English

Grade 12B English students made brochures on a topic of their choice. The topics included Nicola Tesla, MPA, the European Yoga Festival, cyber bullying, tsunami relief and tourism. The brochures they created demonstrated their knowledge on their chosen topic.