This Week in the Classroom

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Calorie Counters

The grade 10A biology students collected data on the amount of calories present in various types of food. They then categorized the food they and others ate into the following categories: fruit, vegetables, cereals, grains and other. They calculated the total calories consumed each day and plotted it on a graph.

Batman v. Superman: Systems of the body edition

The grade 9 biology students made comic books of their favourite cartoons, making a fictitious story line and incorporating the systems of human body. They then enacted the cartoon in front of the whole class.

Dear Madame Scientist

For this assignment, the grade 9 chemistry students were told that they were scientists working at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago and they needed to review the work of a fellow scientist. This scientist had stated that the reaction caused by combining baking soda and vinegar was physical, but the students disagree with that conclusion. They’ve repeated this experiment many times and feel that the reaction is chemical. They wrote to this scientist with evidence of their findings.