The Overwhelming Beauty of Leh, Ladakh by Hana

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Experience of Leh, Ladakh by Hana Goodkind

After completing September’s monthly tests, tenth grade headed out on our great adventure to Leh, Ladakh. Sappy goodbye hugs and a five hour train delay later, we were on our way. We greeted the bone chilling, high altitude climate early in the morning, which, coming from hot and humid Amritsar, was quite a shock to our systems. The magnificent, towering Himalayas dazzled us and the serene, rocky, infinite landscape seduced us. The beauty of Leh Ladakh is overwhelming at the least, but then to include the richness of Tibetan and Buddhist culture, the influence of multiple monsters bordering the village and the strong traditions of the village folk, imagine us, a group of young students, exploring and experiencing the world’s jewels first hand. In pure awe. In pure reverence.

In the short number of days spent in Leh we were privileged to visit three different monasteries at which we enjoyed yak butter tea with the monks, a newly built golden Buddha statue as well as an older, more wise one, and ancient Buddhist paintings kept safely in small wooden houses. Guru Nanak’s famous imprint in the boulder which was thrust at him in haste, a museum of the historic artifacts of Leh and the local market place. For me, the most potent of all experiences though, was chanting the name of Guru Ram Das ‘Lord of Miracles’ in an ancient, very powerful cave nestled 110 stairs up a Rocky Mountain. Leh made a special imprint on the tenth grade. The memories and pictures will live on to be carried, and to carry each of us in our lives. 

Pictures and Drone Footage by Amrit Singh