The Miyamoto's Cordially Invite You

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The third house dinner, hosted by the White House, was held on Thursday night. It was a Japanese-inspired evening, hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Miyamoto (Huang and Chandra) who held the event in honour of the up-coming summer season. The MC for the evening was Felix who did a wonderful job introducing the dinner for the evening, the Miyamoto’s, and other entertainment.

White House did an excellent job preparing the space for the evening. They brought out low tables with cushions for a Japanese-dining experience with paper cranes, painted ceramic candle holders, and lanterns for decoration. They had a special seating area for the hosts to sit and watch over the guests; carpets for the central area and lots of string lights and traditional music for a dim and elegant effect.

There was plenty of entertainment throughout the evening starting out with a sumo match between Sat Jugat Singh and Dev Datta Singh; a beautiful story written by Chandra and acted out by Zhu and Santmit; a dance performed by Mrs. Miyamoto (Chandra) and her three daughters, Lila, Delfina, and Elis; and a fireworks show to finish it off (supervised by Himmat Singh).

The dinner consisted of sushi with cucumber soya sauce for appetizer, eggplant with crispy rice and tofu as well as ramen soup for the main dish and banana chocolate mousse for dessert.

The final dinner will be hosted by Silver House next Saturday.

The Invitation

Mr. and Mrs. Miyamoto hosted this wonderful dinner, welcoming the summer season. They sat with the master of ceremonies, Felix, overlooking the dinner guests.


Preparing the Space

A lot of work went into preparing the space. Low tables were brought in, cushions, pillows, and carpets. The students made lanterns, origami cranes, and decorated clay pots for candle holders. The Miyamoto’s had a cozy space in the corner to watch over their dinner guests, complete with a painting of The Great Wave off Kanagawa.


Preparing Dinner

Dinner preparation started days ahead of time as the students experimented with new recipes. Everything ran smoothly on Thursday as they prepared for the big evening.


The Menu

The menu consisted of sushi with cucumber soya sauce, eggplant with crispy rice and tofu, ramen noodle soup and banana chocolate mousse for dessert. For drinks, they served iced jasmine tea and warm green tea after dinner. Everyone was raving about the crispy tofu.


The Guests

Many of the evening’s guests dressed up for the event, wearing their take on traditional Japanese attire or an anime-inspired costume, with many of the females wearing chopsticks in their hair and the males doing samurai-inspired man buns.


Serving and Enjoying the Evening