Telling Stories

Have you ever heard the phrase, “A picture can tell a thousand words” ? I believe pictures can tell much more than a thousand words. Pictures can tell entire stories!
I have a deep, captivating passion for photography. Photography is an active way for me to explore the depths of my own creativity, and serves as a way to express myself. When it comes down to taking pictures and creating images, the possibilities are infinite, and that is what I find truly fascinating about this art form.

When I take pictures and edit them, I feel a true sense of harmony, because I’m taking an image, and making it my own, making it original. Photography has allowed my imagination to take me to places I’ve never even thought I would see. Photography makes me feel like I’m an artist, a creator. The wonderful thing about this art form is anyone can feel like they’ve created a piece of artwork, or something worthwhile, without having to be a modern-day Picasso. When I’ve created an image that can tell a story, convey an emotion to others, or merely inspire them, I feel like I have achieved something truly great.

– Siri Kirpal Kaur