Sweet Treats to Read

Meherpal Kaur, one of our teachers, recently celebrated her birthday. For this year she wanted to share something different than sweets with the students because the food is really good this year so the students aren’t craving for sweets and comfort food so much anymore. Instead, she felt inspired to buy some books for the library, mainly because books are her passion!  She ordered  the kind of books which  are not in the budget because they are not part of the syllabus goals, but that she considered important, particularly for the kids that are learning English as their second language. They are best sellers, very accessible, and some of them comic books with great stories and lots of illustrations, which makes them interesting and easy to read. Reading is always an open door to knowledge and gratification. Congratulations Meherpal and thank you for inspiring everyone to spend time with the company of a book and feel delighted!