Support our MPA student’s in the 3HO Live to Give Contest – Vote!!

This year we decided to participate in the annual 3HO Video Contest in which we had to talk about our daily seva and what would we do with the money from the prize. So we thought that the money should go to donation for MPA in order to strengthen the scholarship program and help in any other aspect that needs to be supported. 
The first stage of the selection process relies on votes. The top eight videos with the most votes will go to the second stage in which members from IKYTA will judge and select six winning videos. We would like you to help support our video by voting. You will need to go and click on our video, “Sharing the Experience.”  Also, you need to like the page to be able to see all the videos.
You can vote every 24 hours, so if you really want to support this project a hundred percent, give us your vote every day; it won’t take more than five minutes. Have in mind that there are only five days left until the voting stage closes.
The video is called “Sharing the Experience”. Before you vote we would like to let you know that this is not for us, this is for the school and for all the students that really want a better MPA every year. 
We really appreciate your collaboration,