Last Sunday Meditation

Every Sunday night we meet as a school and Jugat Guru leads a meditation and reads the accompanying lecture by Yogi Bhajan. This brings everyone together and focuses us for the week to come. 

Today was our last one this year. The lecture was about treating everyone with kindness and developing your sadhna so you can be ready to help those who call on you. The meditation was great and everyone put their full effort into it, which made it a powerful experience.

The year isn’t fully over. We still have two more days of exams, bags and rooms need to be packed, and yearbooks received and signed. Everyone is keeping up their energy and applying themselves to this last week even though thoughts of home are all some can think about.

At the end of the meditation Hari Simran, one of our graduating students, presented the school with two sets of ramalas, for the gurudwara, from the the 12th grade. It used to be a tradition that the 12th class gave a present to the school and this year’s class is bringing that tradition back! The ramalas are beautiful and the school is definitely grateful 🙂