Study Time at Miri Piri Academy

3 (2)Miri Piri Academy is an international boarding school that exalts Khalsa values and a spiritual lifestyle while at the same time focusing on academics. Academic success is an essential goal for all the students. They go to school everyday from 8:30 am till 2:15 pm. Kirandeep Kaur is our beloved Academic Principal. She gathers with the teachers on a regular basis to review the curricula and she is constantly checking on the development of every student. A good number of teachers who work at MPA have been here for many years. They are truly committed!

The teacher are here not only to teach their classes. They also stay for Study Time, which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 pm till 4:30 pm. They come during the weekend on Saturday morning to dedicate their time and give their guidance to all the students so that they have a good amount of time to work on their studies, to comprehend all the concepts and to practice.  Every month the students have their monthly tests and at the end of this month they will have their first semester exams.  Study time is on the schedule throughout the year to make sure all the students learn and understand all the subjects and to help them keep their good grades, but with exams coming in just a few weeks the pressure is on now to focus and excel!