Strong As Steel, Steady as Stone

Japjeet Khalsa Blog

Each year we have a challenging Yoga competition to bring a spirit of fun and inspire the students to excel in both posture and endurance in their Kundalini Yoga practice.

The participation of each one of the students was outstanding! The first part of the competition consisted of camel pose with breath of fire, bow pose with breath of fire and 108 frogs, for all the students, girls and boys separate. Then for the second part four members of each house , two girls and two boys, intermediates and seniors, participated with holding different postures for as long as they could, stretch pose, plank pose and kundalini lotus, and doing as many sarbandande kriya as they could.

It was absolutely wonderful to see the students strong as steel and steady as stone. They were truly awesome and it was a day with such a high energy. We all felt so proud of the hard work and accomplishments of our students who practice Kundalini Yoga nearly every day. 

Overall Scores

Silver 109
White 103
Blue 85
Gold 74

Individual Competition

Stretch Pose

Intermediate boys
3rd Hajoor 0:55
4th Alfredo 0:16
1st Mandeep 3:40
2nd Siri Gian 2:19

Senior boys
4th Tivon 4:03
1st Malie 6:46
2nd Ali 5:31
3rd Ram Ravi 5:08

Senior girls
1st Mieke 13:53 (Record!)
4th Nanki 3:30
2nd Chandra 8:14
3rd Arina 4:23

Intermediate girls
3 Celesta 2:34
2 Sara 2:45
1 Lila 3:42
4 Sharleen 2:17

Plank Pose

Intermediate boys
1st Bao 7:01
3rd Tashi 4:13
2nd Sahib 6:09
4th Timon 3:33

Senior boys
1st Nam Simran 22:03
4th Hans 11:00
2nd Huang 15:19
3rd Konrad 11:03

Senior girls
4th Marie-Jana 4:13
2nd Lauren 4:39
3rd Destinie 4:23
1st Dev Suroop 8:10

Intermediate girls
1 Tekhpreet 4:13
2 Siri Atma 3:35
4 Rishita 1:27
3 Sant 3:29


Intermediate boys
3rd Karampal 100
2nd Prabhujot 203
1st Manjot 510

Senior boys
4th Carlos 200
2nd Siri Guru Dev 251
1st Gagandeep 470
3rd Gururaj 225

Senior girls
1 Liza 140
3 Yingying 41
4 Gurkiran 13
2 Emilia 67

Intermediate girls
4th Akal Dev 6
2nd Jamila 56
3rd Elis 41
1st Paramjot 500

Kundalini Lotus

Intermediate boys
1st Manit 1:51
3rd Hargobind 0:18
4th Sat Jugat 0:02
2nd Premnath 1:05

Senior boys
1st Ash 4:04
1st Gurudev 4:04
3rd Simranjeet 0:10
4th Arman 0:08

Senior girls
1st Dharam Kaur 8:18
2nd Sat Darshan 2:13
4th Jasmine 0:20
3rd Maya 2:08

Intermediate girls
2nd Shamayam 0:51
4th Raminder 0:00
3rd Delfina 0:25
1st Siri Aadi 3:15