Starting off the year with humor and team building

After our hard work in Anandpur Sahib, we started off the school year with the traditional skit competition to build team spirit with a friendly and funny competition. Every year the four houses, White, Blue, Silver and Gold, compete in a variety of forms. Last weekend, students put together comedic skits. The funniest and best performed won.

Each squad was given a Disney movie from which to gain inspiration. The Winner, Gold house, recreated Hercules with rap battles and Dragon Ball Z references. Second place Silver re-imagined Tarzan as a human raised by wild chickens on the US-Mexico border.  Third place White house, my personal favorite, set the story of Mulan in a Kung Fu movie–actually dubbing their own lines and appropriate mismatched words to mouth movements. Blue house recreated Pixar’s The Incredibles with impressive costumes. Great fun was had by all!