Staff Special Dinner

The student dinners are over. As staff we wanted to show that we care and appreciate the students, so we decided to throw our own special dinner. The theme we chose was Film Festival. We came up with a few ideas for making our own mini movies. The first one we made was a Mexican Soap Opera spoof, all in spanish. The second  was a rap music video, in which we got straight up gangsta.

The students dressed up as celebrities and posed for pictures, against the MPA productions background, with the stars of our videos. We decorated behind the dining hall with lights and huge posters of the “movies” that we were premiering at the dinner. The food came out delicious, we had lasagna, salad, sparkling mango drink, bruschetta, and banaffi pie for dessert. After the meal we showed our staff made movies on a projected screen, which everyone loved.

The dinner was a huge success. Thank you to all the staff that put so much effort into making it happen. I hope this becomes another MPA tradition.