Squad Leaders

The MPA student body is split up into four squads, White, Blue, Silver, and Gold. Each squad has two student squad leaders, one boy and one girl. The squad leaders are responsible for keeping track of their squads, organizing them for squad competitions, and basically just being their role models and leaders. Squad leaders are also the link between the staff and the student body, voicing issues members of their squad may have and helping to implement new rules from the staff. 

Amrit Saroop and Hargobind are the squad leaders for Blude House.

Amrit Saroop, what do you like about being a squad leader?

“I love the family environment of my squad and the connection I have with them. I feel like a mama goose. I enjoy being able to be there for them and the respect I get for being in this position.”

Hargobind, What do you enjoy about being a squad leader? 

“I like being there for my squad members. I used to always be open to people coming and talking to me about their issues and now as a squad leader more people feel comfortable coming to me.”

Ramneek, the Gold House girls squad leader, talked to me about how her past experiences here at MPA allow her to relate to her squad member issues because she went through the same things. She also talked about how this year there is a lot of camaraderie between the houses and their leaders which makes for a much friendlier cooperative atmosphere. 


Squad leaders stand at the head of their house during assembly for school so that they can keep their house standing straight, at attention, and to make sure they are all present or accounted for.