A Special Visit

8This week we had some very special guests who came visit Miri Piri Academy to enjoy some time at the school and to share with the students. Alfredo Sfeir Younis from Chile, Kulbir Singh, one of the Siri Singh Sahib’s sons from New Mexico, and Swarn Singh from Canada.

Alfredo was recently one of the presidential candidates in his country, he used to be the representative of the United Nations at the World Bank and he is a long time friend of Yogi Bhajan. He gave an inspiring speech to all the students and he shared the story on how they met and became really good friends.

Kulbir Singh also took some time to talk with the students and shared how he came back in the early years of MPA to help build the school. On behalf of his father, he spent days working to acquire the campus and get the initial infrastructure rolling. It was truly special for him to be back here after many years and see how beautiful the school looks now, with all the gardens and the impeccable fields. He was lovingly welcomed by the staff and the students, a fact that deeply touched his heart.

They came with more friends, including Swarn Singh from Canada. His two sons studied here in the past and he was also a really good friend of the Siri Singh Sahib. He transformed his life through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and he is a successful business man back home in Vancouver.

All of them stayed for dinner to join us for a wonderful meal and to spend more time with the students who were really happy to have them on campus.