Soccer Competition 2014

Last weekend the students held the inter-house football competition, or soccer as our American students call it. Football practice takes place three times a week for boys and girls during sports time, which is everyday from 4:40 pm until dinner time. After so much practice, their skill showed.  White House got first place, second place Gold House, third Blue House and then Silver House in fourth. We were impressed by how well the different captains of each team organized all their players and their great attitude in all the games they played.
The students from 11th Grade prepared soft pretzels the night before to sell during the competition. They spent a long time in the kitchen getting ready and Ajooni and Prem helped them with everything they needed. It is a tradition at MPA that the 11th grade class raises money for the Graduation Party to celebrate their 12th Grade schoolmates and squad leaders. We spent a great day cheering on the teams and enjoying the treats that were prepared.